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Ms Lom Pian

General Manager ( Internal Asset )

Having spent 8 years abroad as an Operations Manager for 1Step Australia, LOM (Arie) has an outstanding level of knowledge and experience with the asset management industry. She is an integral part of our management team and provides a level of proffessionalism that makes 1Step International an innovative and progressive market leader.

Stuart Metcalfe

Director (Strategic Planning)

Mr Stuart has been the director of 1STEP FACILITY MANAGEMENT in Australia andĀ helped oversee the direction and expansion of One Step International. His expertise in business strategic planning and dealing with multi-national companies to provide a cost effective and comprehensive facility management services.

Edwin Tan

Director (Facility Management)

1STEP share our expertise with clients for long term, safe & cost effective maintenance programs. Our ongoing innovation of work methods including robotics cleaning, building safety & maintenance system have been recognized by architects & property developers such as KLCC Project Sdn Bhd, HMSK Architect, GSD Architect, Putrajaya Holdings, Sunway Properties, Naza Holdings, Danga Bay Convention Centre and Iskandar Waterfront. Mr Edwin has been dealing with developers, managing malls, facilities and exhibition hall for 15 years.